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My walkthrough map for Fighting Fantasy book - Secrets of Salamonis, hand drawn, scanned and adjusted digitaly.

The download includes:
Format: JPG (CMYK colors)
Size: 50x70 cm / 19x27 Inch / 5900x8260 pixel, 300dpi

In the ancient city of Salamonis, your fortune awaits. Will you join the Strongarms or study at the Halls of Learning? Seek Cauldronweed or clear pests from King Salamon's Mine? Pursue justice against Cardinal Zyn or hunt the horn of the Black Unicorn? Unravel the mystery of the screaming sky and the enigmatic Shivering Man - it's all up to YOU in Salamonis!

Fighting Fantasy - Secrets of Salamonis

4,99$ Regular Price
3,99$Sale Price
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