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Fantasy city map maker illustrations

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

These illustrations are from one of my favorite and most detailed works, Port Blacksand map. This settlement is the most important city in the world of Fighting Fantasy. I drew and painted the original map with a digital tablet. The buildings and locations included in the package are a selection of the best drawings of the map.

This very detailed map was the first one I drew 14,000 pixels wide, and this gave me the opportunity to turn it into a vector graphic. Of course, I had to recolor the buildings and improve the original drawings in many places, but this way the drawing became much sharper and more spectacular.

The final product is a real fantasy port city with winding roads, churches, quays, palaces, and castle walls. The map shows the city and buildings from a bird's eye view, but it is not an accurate isometric perspective.

If you liked my map and you feel like creating, but you can't find the inspiration, then with this vector illustration package you can put together a map of your own fantasy city, illustrate your products or your writings.

Build your own "City of Thieves"!

Port Blacksand Map prezentation video

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