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The origins of the Dying City

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

The idea of the Decaying City map builder set is rooted in an older and much more monumental work of my, The City of Innsmouth map.

I just wanted to practice with my newly purchased digital whiteboard when I started drawing the city in early 2016.

I have long wanted a map drawn in an urban setting and Innsmouth - Massachusetts was the perfect choice. There was a map sketch made by Lovecraft and the story Shadows Over Innsmouth also describes the city in enough detail.

There was no customer, so my motivation was low enough, but after a long work, the map was completed.

After a few years, I thought I could skillfully use the map line drawings to turn them into vector graphics to depict the houses and streets of a run-down city. This became the three sets of illustrations which is posted here on Qatlasmap webshop.

If there is a need for these in the future, more illustrations can be made based on the map, there are plenty of drawings that I haven't transform yet. We’ll see it turn out but in the meantime have a good wander under the shadows.

Video presentation:

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