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Fantasy map isometric vector illustrations

I have long wanted a graphics package that I can use in general, for illustration of fantasy, fairytale landscapes or historical maps.

I assembled this package almost entirely digitally in vector format and only drew a few sketches at the beginning

I was thinking of a very stable, simple and very modular vector package that can be widely used by others and varied in such a way that the final work does not return to being clichéd. Of course, the repeated colors and shapes give it a uniform look, but that makes it more stylish than repetitive or boring.

The first map I tried these vectors on was the Allansia continent in the Fighting Fantasy world. I'm a big fan of this fantasy world, that's why I chose this one. You can see the final result below and by clicking on the button. There are cities, villages, castles, towers, sailing ships and everything that is necessary for a complex map.

I hope you like the end result and if you too would like to build a cool map but your creativity failed you, click here!

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