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On the winding paths of Portsrood Forest with Qatlasmap

I just finished a couple of days ago reading and drawing a fantasy map illustration for Samuel Isaacson's - Escape From Portsrood Forest and thought I’d write a few lines about it.

The style of the book was reminiscent of Fighting Fantasy - Scorpions Swamp, free to explore the entire area and uncover the mysteries of the clearings. This made the mapping process a bit more difficult because I didn’t always arrive at the locations in the right order and talk to the key characters but as I progressed in the book the picture soon came together.

It’s an interesting concept to make a game book so open, I didn’t even think so much could fit in 400 paragraphs. The whole story has a medieval feel, possibly because of the illustrations.

I liked the book because it is perfect for map builder, and I plan that in the future some details of the map will appear here in my shop as cartography resource. This work does not have the feel of an isometric fantasy map but rather a line drawing.

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